Play-Doh x Today's Parent

For the September 2016 Back-to-School issue, Today’s Parent partnered with Play-Doh to create a fun multi-media cover along with a cover feature about the importance of play in children’s development. The integration of Play-Doh as a medium to create the cover was a natural fit for Today's Parent brand, as it's a product that their readers and kids know and love. From ideation to execution, Sun and freelance set designer Caitlin Doherty had full control over the cover design. Doherty spent more than 70 hours creating a vibrant 3-D back-to-school scene that featured incredible detail, from  squirrel holding a tiny nut. 

September Cover.jpg


Best in Content Publishing 2016

Best in Content Integration 2016

Best in Consumer Goods 2016

Photographer: James Tse . Set designer: Caitlin Doherty

On-figure stylist: Shea Hurley  Hair stylist: Sophie Hsin